Nearly 3/4 of the way there


I've had this checklist on my wall since mid-August. Steadily marking my progress has brought me so much joy:IMG_2729On the one hand, I thought I'd be further along by now. OTOH, I realize how ridiculous that is, and am SO PLEASED WITH MYSELF. Look at all those chapters I've drafted!!! Even better: look how few I have left to go!!!!!I've written about 250 pages in 2 months. That is thanks to writing full-time, of course. I missed a couple of weeks here and there, but overall, I've devoted most of my sabbatical to writing. And it's been so much fun.The amazing thing is that I wasn't sure if I could write this novel at all. I approached Stardwellers with a very new process. I'm a lifelong pantser, but this time, I plotted everything out in advance -- every single scene. It's felt a little mechanical at times. And I haven't connected with the characters deeply. Most of my edits will have to focus on character -- but at least, 15 chapters in, I think I've figured out their key arcs.Here's the other surprise: I wasn't sure if I could write full-time. I worried that 8 hours of writing on one day would leave me too drained to write the next. That hasn't been the case at all. Oh, it happens sometimes -- but I've pretty consistently been able to write day in and day out. Great practice for if I ever am able to afford living as a full-time writer. :-DOverall, the point is: I did it. I haven't finished yet, but I'm nearly there. Just look at that checklist!! I am totally pulling. It. Off.PS: Because I've been dying to share this with the world but not really ready to, here is the aesthetic I created for Stardwellers!! :-DStardwellers Aesthetic 2