I did it!!!!


Oh, beautiful checklist of chapters. Look at you now:IMG_2770I did it, I did it!!!!So, yeah. Draft 1 of Stardwellers complete. Even though I plotted very carefully in advance, I still feel as if I have a big ol' mess on my hands. But not as messy as The Devil's Wall draft 1 was. This one's messy in a different way. It lacks strong protagonists. That's work I didn't do in advance - sketching out my characters enough. Live and learn! I'll do that between drafts 1 and 2, and then find out if it's fixable.Also, I decided that it should be multi-POV. Because why write from 2 POVs when you can write from 5?! Aren't I full of great ideas!? To be honest, I'm looking forward to writing those new POV chapters. I didn't get to explore the secondary cast nearly as much as I wanted; I didn't have the room. So now I'm going to let them elbow their way in.But for now, my next step is to type up the manuscript. That's my NaNoWriMo goal. I'm calling it NaNoTyMo. Maybe I'll track my progress here, or on Twitter. Or...on my wall! Checklist #2, coming up!Go, me! :-D