I’m Carolyn Tara O’Neil. I write Young Adult historical fiction. My book, DAUGHTERS OF A DEAD EMPIRE, is set during the Russian Revolution and will be published in spring 2021.

Every Sunday you can find me writing in a NYC cafe or library. Look for the gal with the green tea, Pentel RSVP pen, and spiral-bound notebook. Or I might be out seeking real-life locales with literary connections — like the ones in my children’s literature walking tours of NYC.

Press Kit:

Formal Bio:

Carolyn Tara O’Neil grew up in a small New York City apartment with one bedroom, three siblings, and thousands of books. Every Friday she went to the New York Public Library for even more reading material. She now lives in a slightly smaller NYC apartment with slightly fewer books, and still goes to the library every week. 

She has spent her career advocating for human rights, education, and youth civic activism. After years supporting prosecutions for war crimes and crimes against humanity, she became especially concerned with how we bridge divides when it is most difficult. Her books touch on these themes.  

Carolyn loves sci fi TV, stories about BFFs, green tea, roses, and dogs. No animals will ever be harmed in her books.