Lord have mercy


I found a story I wrote when I was 11.

It is amazing. I am just about dead from laughing. It's called "A New Life for Me," about a 12-yr-old girl named Edith Collins. In the span of one day, she:

  • learns her family is moving to NYC

  • is thrown a goodbye/birthday party, in which her friends gift her with large amounts of money

  • legally changes her name to Denise

  • flies to NYC

  • departs the plane moments before it explodes, killing everyone else onboard

  • meets a whole new crowd of kids her age

  • is asked out on dates by every boy she meets

  • and more!

For your enjoyment, here are 5 HILARIOUS pages from the 60-page story. You'll note that by the second page I got sick of 3rd person and switched to 1st. Also note the 5-minute move on page 4, and the highly accurate depiction of her plane ride on page 5.