Talking a big game


Sometimes I talk a big game, and don't always come through with a win. That said, I'm stating my newest goal plain as day: I will bring my new manuscript to life!....after revisions! Because gah writing the first draft now is killing me. I started a sci-fi YA novel a couple weeks ago. I wrote about 90 pages in 1 week. That's...a lot. But then I hit a wall, and getting any new words down has been like pulling teeth.I recently heard that Judy Blume hates writing first drafts, and loves making them shine in editing. So that's what I'm aiming for this time! I'll force the damn first draft out, and have my fun during revisions. That's when I can amp up the characters, and add all kinds of worldbuilding details to make the setting feel real.For now, I'm just going to get whatever I can down on page. I'll let you know how that goes. ;-)