I did it!


I finished Diagnosis!Today I finished the first draft of my adult thriller, Diagnosis. Yeah, that's a working title. This is the one about the terminal cancer patient who's being poisoned by someone in her family, to kill her before her prenup expires. I'm pretty sure it's at novella length so it will take some fleshing out. I've still got to type it up so I don't know just how long it is.And really, who cares?! I reached the end!!!! Huzzah! My goal was to finish it by year's end, and I've done that with time to spare. Enough time, actually, to achieve what my original goal was -- finish Terri's story, and also write 1-2 short stories. Hmm....I hate short stories. I only ever want to write novels.Which apparently I just have! Yay!!PS: Wow. Now that I know I can use gifs in the featured images for blog posts?? My whole blogging life is about to change! :-D