#amwriting 2017 in review


OK, the year ain't over yet. But folks on Twitter started this convo in late November, so I figured I'd pick up the thread here. Here's my 2017 writing progress:

  • Completed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th draft revisions of The Devil's Wall!!!
  • Shared my manuscript with 3 beta readers and got great, helpful feedback
  • Joined a YA critique group and met some lovely writers
  • Met Heather, my first critique partner, through that group and exchanged some really thorough beta reads
  • Got accepted into Author Mentor Match!
  • Applied to Pitch Wars and didn't get in...but that's OK :-)
  • Submitted my manuscript to 17 agents - and got a partial request from 1
  • Wrote most of Finished Diagnosis, my latest novel!
  • Did not buy a giant pick-up truck, but did accidentally rent one for a day! And also I got my driver's license this year, so the above pic is my excuse to mention that. :-D