A list


For no other reason than because this cracks me up, here's a list I found while cleaning my mom's apartment. It appears on a folded page, with "Keep Out Kevin" written on the front. I must've been 7 or 8 years old when I wrote this.At the top you can see that I planned to charge my brother Kevin $0.75 per offense for all the ways he wronged me; to wit:

  1. Teased me because he got $4.
  2. Bragged about him getting a computer.
  3. Teased & bragged that he got $19.
  4. Took my seat twice.
  5. Called me names 11 times (but I called him 10).
  6. Played with my toys.
  7. Acted as if he were way superior.
  8. Took my stamp magazine.
  9. Slapped me 5 times.
  10. Stuck his foot in my face.

Ah, the very serious woes of a 7-year-old! No, this has nothing to do with writing, except as fodder for the imagination OR as a primary source. These are real concerns!Actually, they are real concerns for the life of a child who doesn't have too much to be concerned about. In contrast, this video shows pictures drawn by children ages 7-14 during the Russian Revolution and Civil War, depicting what they remember of those events. It is a gruesome but fascinating exhibit, housed at the Moscow State Historical Society, and a truly incredible primary source.