Feeling good


Granted, it feels like spring for the first time this year in NYC*, so that is impacting my mood. But I'm also excited about the book.I've started drafting new chapters in The Devil's Wall from Anna's POV. I'm generally not a fan of multi-POV stories -- I like to be deeply immersed in someone else's brain, and that's really only possible when you're in their head for hundreds of pages.But I always intended this story to be narrated by both of them. When I started,  the first POV I wrote was Anna's. It was just that the minute I switched to Evgenia in chapter 2, I fell in love and couldn't tear myself away.Now that I'm going back and writing from Anna's POV, I'm remembering who she is. Her character really suffered from being seen only through Evgenia's thoughts. When I'm relaying events through Anna's eyes, it gives her a chance to be the active one, to react, to show who she really is.Of course, now I find myself shortchanging Evgenia, so I'm going to have to strike a balance somehow. But regardless.... This feels good! I ultimately don't know if I'm going to stick with the dual-POV thing, but as an exercise, it's been incredibly helpful in bringing Anna to life.I wonder if I should do the same with other characters..... * Here is a pic of beautiful spring, the spot under a magnolia tree where I sat in Central Park to write yesterday:IMG_2278