What was I so worried about?

A while back I wrote a pretty angsty post. I was sure that my novel was "structurally unsound." Here's a link.I literally cannot figure out what I was angsting over. Sure, my novel is deeply flawed. Deeply. But I know now that its major issues are character-based. Whereas in that post, I was obsessing over the missing "structural integrity" of the story.There's a line halfway through that gives me pause - I wrote that my mentor "hasn’t gotten to the really rough parts of my story yet. I’m worried about what happens when she does."Now, I know what that's about. That's about the second half of the novel, which, yeah, used to be a disaster. I must've worried that I wouldn't be able to fix it. And, fair enough -- at the time, I never dreamed that I'd be revising the plot for another three months. But here I am, at the end of 3 months of rewriting, and I've cleaned up the back half of the book. I never even had to send my mentor the old, terrible version.My deepest apologies to my beta readers who did have to read it!Maybe I can take this as a lesson. My character issues - and, I'll be real, it's my Anna issue - seems insurmountable. I'm not sure that I can build out her character more clearly, nor build up the relationship arc between her and Evgenia better. But if I do the work, I probably can.And boy is that a good thought. :-)