So happy I!


I know I tend to get ahead of myself. And then behind, when I'm feeling low about my story.... Such is the pattern of many writers, I think. We go through a never-ending cycle of doubt-->certainty-->glee-->dismay-->doubt.But I came here today to write about how happy I am with the dual-POV narrative. I just wrote the scene where Anna realizes she loves Evgenia. Imagine! In a story all about friendship, I never had that opportunity when it was only Evgenia's POV. And now we get to actually see the moment Anna overcomes her own fears and acts selflessly to save Evgenia.This story is just as much Anna's as Evgenia's -- and in some ways, more so. It really needed her POV. I still haven't worked out all the kinks, and at times I still struggle to find room for her in the storyline. But I care about Anna more than I ever did before, and her perspective has added so much richness to the story of their relationship.And really, what more could I hope for?? <3 <3 <3