I'm in the midst of a revision that I simultaneously think is crucial for my book, and is not working.If you've read prior entries you know what this is about -- dual-POV. I originally intended for The Devil's Wall to alternate POVs between Anna and Evgenia, but ended up writing the first 5 drafts just in Evgenia's voice. Now I'm trying to go back and rewrite the story from Anna's POV every other chapter.While this is doing wonders for my connection to Anna, and for exploring her character, I'm struggling to find room in the narration for her. And I also am skeptical of the voice I've given her. I'm just not sure it works. The book may never become what I hoped it would. And, OK, probably few books do. But as I continue revising, and as I learn more about the publishing industry -- and what's selling now -- I'm becoming increasingly dubious that this work will ever be read. And thinking that it's time to move onto something else.Once I make the final decision as to whether to keep revising in dual-POV or not, there's still a lot of work ahead of me. Either to rewrite the Anna chapters, or to incorporate all the great stuff I've figured out about her into Evgenia's narrative. So no matter what, the book isn't finished.And given how I feel about it right now, maybe that's a good thing??!