More progress! A new novel


Maybe I shouldn't boast quite yet. Slow down for giraffes (or large, ungainly edits) crossing. ;-) But at the end of today's weekly writing session I found that I am 1-2 scenes away from the end of my Diagnosis novel.Yee-haa!!! I'd hoped to finish before year's end but wasn't sure if I would. And now I'm here! Of course, given my beautiful, infuriating pantser self, it needs a pretty heavy rewrite. I know that. Plus, given my beautiful, infuriating hand-writer self, I need to type the whole damn thing up. Also, I need to find the whole first draft, because I never took this novel too seriously so I've written it on various scraps of blank pages in whatever notebooks were handy.That's OK. The typing up process is not so bad. It takes time -- typing up The Devil's Wall took 2-3 months, but that was 2 novels, or 600 pages worth. I strongly suspect that Diagnosis is at novella length. Which is fine. I have tons of ideas of things I want to add in, not just revise. Whole subplots that I think I'll really enjoy and will add meat to the story.Despite all this work ahead of me, I am pretty pleased with myself. I'm about to finish another novel. No matter how the publication journey goes with The Devil's Wall -- and it's looking a bit iffy -- I've got another one to try. More importantly, it just means that I'm still writing. I'm still a writer.I don't know what happens next. I don't have any new novel ideas currently. I'm a little concerned about a dry spell. Then again... I could take another crack at The Masai Murders. (Have I talked about how that novel has gnawed at me for 9 years without my being able to write it?) Orrr.... I recently sketched out a whole made-up world and an ensemble cast of characters for another YA story. It's like a fantasy world without any magic or fantasy elements. Is that a thing? An AU? Anyways, I'm not terribly excited about either option, so I don't know what comes next.There's only one way to find out. :-) But first, to finish Diagnosis! I'm almost there.