Girl meets boy.

Girl kisses boy.

Girl and boy’s minds become inextricably linked, through the tech implant in her head.

Boy realizes girl is the hated rebel who’s been firebombing the kingdom he rules….

Now what?


The Masai Murders

Jo and her sister traveled to Africa in search of their family’s history — their detour to Kenya was just a whim. Too bad it lands them trapped in a rained-out safari lodge with a murderer on the loose. A young woman in their tour group and the Masai man she flirted with are found dead, and no help will arrive until the skies and roads clear.

As Jo gets to know the families of the victims and the other tourists stranded with them, she realizes that no one is being honest — and that if she pays close enough attention, she just might be able to catch the killer before they strike again.